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Mommy Monday:: Teresa Carey, Naturally Clean

The need for natural products has increased over the years as people find they don’t want all those hard to pronounce preservatives and chemicals in their bodies and on their skin. Teresa Carey’s business, Naturally clean, offers all natural soap products that are chemical and preservative free (containing no sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, triclosan, FD&C dyes/colorants, petroleum products, and synthetic fragrance oils.)


Naturally clean products are handmade, using all natural essential oils, plants or flowers, and herbs. In the Naturally clean Etsy shop you can purchase items including, soap bars, foaming soap, lip balms, body scrub, foot scrub, lip scrub, shea butter, diaper cream, and a variety of facial masks. There is something for everyone including vegan options.


Teresa started her business in July 2012 after battling her children’s eczema, searching for products to help, and realizing all the chemicals that were found in skin products. Her journey began there and now she sells to local shops, craft fairs and is going to branch out into farmers markets this coming summer. She says having a strong support systems keeps her business and family balanced. She also includes and welcomes the help of her children, since they have taken an interest in her business.


Teresa offers this advice to other mom entrepreneurs, “Get to know your market, your niche and that's where you target your business. Often it is those who have similar interests as you that will love what you do. I am not very good at selling myself/my business - I am not a salesperson and probably never will be, but I firmly believe that if you are passionate about what you are doing people will see that. If I can educate just one person about the harmful chemicals found in many soap products and that there are natural alternatives then I feel like I did my job.”


Visit Naturally clean’s website today, like on facebook and shop on etsy! Mention this blog and receive 3 bars of soap for $10 (plus shipping)!! Thank you Teresa for sharing your business with us!


Once you've tried one of these lathery treasures, you'll never again be satisfied with 'store-bought' bars. So do yourself and your world a big favor and start using REAL soap.” - Teresa Carey, Naturally Clean


Mommy Monday:: Lauren M. Rand Consulting, LLC

Lauren M. Rand Consulting LLC offers a range services including; direct consultation with parents/students as a learning specialist, direct consultation with parent/student/school system as an educational consultant, child advocacy services within the PPT and 504 meetings, educational testing, and comprehensive college planning and placement services including individual SAT tutoring.


Lauren started her business in June 2010, incorporating in February 2011, after working in the school system tutoring and child advocating for over 10 years. Lauren holds a masters in special education and prides herself on being able to support the learning process of children, particularly in those who learn in a nontraditional manner.

Lauren would like to add this about her services, “Over my 13+ years in the public school system I have worked alongside mostly middle and high school students with a wide range of disabilities including behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, attentional issues and those on the autism spectrum.   I have developed model programs for effective co-teaching models both in the middle and high school level.  In addition I established a successful program to integrate students with serious emotional and behavioral issues back into their neighborhood middle school.  After leaving the public school to raise a family I began to work part-time on an individual basis with students initially in the role of a tutor.  This evolved over time as I began to see that providing subject-based assistance did not truly allow for the student to learn how to learn.  I decided that I wanted to utilize my expertise on how students learn, my knowledge of the school system and curriculum, along with my skills as an educator and advocate to provide a unique service which would allow learners, with short-term assistance to reach their potential.”

Setting aside time just for family is how Lauren keeps her busy schedule balanced, she makes days and times just for family and doesn’t let work intervene. She also credits the support of her husband and utilizes in home child care when needed.

To other mom entrepreneurs she advises, “find an area of expertise or niche where you excel.  Try to connect with those in this area to see if there is a need.  If so, then utilize connections, word of mouth, and other avenues to develop a business.  Don't get discouraged!”

Marketing for Lauren M. Rand Consulting LLC, is done mostly through word of mouth from her customers, read client testimonials here. For Market Mommy CT readers, Lauren is offering a 15% discount for a booking of at least a month or more of services.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your business with Market Mommy CT!! For more information,



Mommy Monday:: Shanae Briggs, Fit4Mom Fairfield County

Shanae Briggs is the owner of Fit family LLC. She owns and teaches Fit4Mom, fairfield county’s fitness classes for local moms and woman at all stages of life and pregnancy. Fit4Mom offers pre and postnatal fitness classes whether you are pregnant, a new mom or have grown children, “We are here to help you with the stresses and strains pregnancy and motherhood puts on your body, whether you just had a baby or had a baby 20 years ago,” says Shanae.The fitness classes offered give you the unique and specific training your pre and postnatal body needs to help you get to where you want to be.


Classes offered through Fit4Mom are Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, 5K Trainings (stroller friendly) and Body back classes. In additions to the fitness you can also join the Plum Moms Club attend social events like Playgroups, Runs, Mom's Night Out, and Family Outings.


Shanae is a busy mom of two young boys and is pregnant with her third. The great part of her business is she can include her boys in what she does. She has this to say about balancing her business and family, “The reality is my house & my kitchen are never as clean as I'd like them to be. And some things fall through the cracks, which is unfortunate for business. However, there are days that I put off all my ‘essential’ work items just to paint with my 3 year old & those are the moments that make it all worth it. Yes, it means I have to make it up somewhere. And probably my husband & I are sitting next to each other working on the computer instead of watching TV in the evenings. We've specifically scheduled Friday night date nights. Sometimes they're at home dates. At least once a month we splurge and get a babysitter. But it's important to make that time happen. I also really love that what I do in my business is child friendly. My children are there with me when I'm teaching. They're part of my classes; the themes of the week are for them. They get to cheer me on as I take time for myself & it's beneficial to their social & intellectual development at the same time. Everything about my business is family friendly, and the reality is the paperwork happens at other times.”


Advice she gives to other mom’s owning their own business; get help, trade services with friends, and reach out to people for help on your business, utilize your friends and customers with skills and talents to help with your business. Shanae adds,“ It's okay not to be perfect at everything, and it's okay to put your family first. People who matter will understand. And your family is forever. Your business, ultimately, has a start/end date.”


Marketing Fit4Mom is done through social media (find Fit4Mom on facebook, twitter and pinterest) local calendar event sites, word of mouth (refer-a-friend client bonuses!), as well as flyers at local stores, and local events. For MMCT, first class is free! Click here to register.


Attentionmom-owned businesses !!! In May Fit4Mom hosts a FREE anniversary party with raffles, goody bags, and feature our partners & local businesses. If anyone is interested in sponsoring our party or donating something, please contact Shanae here!


Lastly,  Shanae would like to add this about her business, “ Making a difference in the lives of other women is what really keeps me moving forward. Yes, my family is healthy & strong, but helping other women find that strength for motherhood & strength in themselves is magical. I've had a woman come to me who gained 70+ lbs in her first pregnancy, lost it all, exercised through her second gaining only 35 lbs, and is pregnant again with baby 3, strong enough to chase after her 2 toddlers & be a mom at the same time. Other women have found exercising through their second pregnancy helps with morning sickness & they can actually function daily again; another mom said every nurse in the hospital commented on how strong she was through delivery. Another woman has trained with us in the Body Back program for 1 year, lost 20 pounds, 9 inches, has become a runner, and completely changed her eating habits. It's really amazing what you can do when you take time for yourself each day. The magical thing is you don't have to take time away from your family, you really can make your fitness a family event. That's the real power we have as women--to make changes for ourselves that will positively influence the decisions our children will make as they learn & grow.”


Thank you to Shanae for sharing your business and thoughts with us! Fit4Mom sounds like a great thing for any expectant mom looking to have a fit pregnancy or mom looking to shed those postnatal pounds.


Also find Fit4Mom Fairfield county on


Mommy Monday:: Kim Genzburg, Stick Storage


Kim Genzburg started her business Stick Storage, in 2012. Stick Storage is a storage unit; perfect for anywhere in your house where you might need some extra organization. Holding everything from sports equipment to gardening tools. Keeping your things neat, organized and ready for the next time you need to grab them.

“We solve the problem of clutter in the mudroom, garage or bed/dorm room.” says Kim. This  product is made of high impact polyethylene, the slim-line storage caddy has been thoughtfully constructed to fit in a variety of spaces; against a mudroom wall, behind a bedroom door, even between cars in a garage. Stick Storage units are available in 7 colors: Left Wing Lime, Overtime Orange, Rip It Red, Hockey Puck Black, Ultimate Ice White, Big Hit Blue and Garden Green.

Kim is a busy mom from New Canaan CT, and says she keeps the balance between family and business by working while her kids are at school. She says,” My kids are in middle and high school so I do my best to work while they are in school and juggle the time when they are home with a laptop in the car and on the fields!”

To her fellow mom entrepreneurs kim advises not give up when you get frustrated. She says to utilize the supportive people in your life and ask friends and family for advice and help when you need it.

Stick Storage is sold through direct online sales and tournament sales. Marketing is mostly done through social media, you can find Stick Storage on facebook. Kim also utilizes direct marketing to lacrosse, ice hockey and field hockey magazines and teams.

Lastly, Stick storage might start out as a storing place for your childrens sports equipment but the versatility and durability will allow it to stand the test of time. Kim adds, “Stick Storage unit’s uses may vary, but the end-result is always the same: organization. A Stick Storage unit loaded with yard tools makes a great gift for newlyweds. As a family grows, the unit provides a simple, efficient and attractive way to organize the many moving parts of an active, family. The unit transitions again for empty-nesters who spend a lot of time in the yard gardening.”


Mommy Monday:: Josefa Abdelnour & Grace Brueckner, CricleMint LLC


Josefa Abdelnour and Grace Brueckner launched their business, CircleMint LLC, in January 2013. CircleMint hosts children’s consignment events, selling childrens sizes 0-20 as well as maternity clothing.This is not your traditional consignment shop, CircleMinth hosts their events twice a year at the American Legion in Madison Connecticut, one in winter, and coming this spring (April 9-14).They Invite local moms and young families to consign and/or shop at the events.

The Ladies behind CircleMint know first that as your children outgrow their clothes it get harder year after year to justify paying those full retail prices. Shopping at the CircleMint events guarantees quality 2nd hand items, Josefa adds, “We screen all items to make sure they are in (almost) mint condition before they continue their life cycle with your children. While you're at it, you might as well sell last year's stuff. And thus, the circle is complete.” Anything unsold at the end of the event goes to local charities, this year the donations will go to the The SARAH Foundation.

Josefa and Grace are not only business partners, they are sisters, stay/work at home mom’s, and both live in Madison. Living in the same town has its advantages, they are able to support each other with taking care of their children and running a business. They also credit their husbands and mom for helping them keep the balance. Even though as moms they are multi tasker’s Josefa says, “we understand the importance of shutting down the computer and silencing our phones in order to read a book with one of the kids or make banana bread from scratch.”

Josepha has this advice for other Mom entrepreneurs, “While it's important to write a business plan, don't get too overwhelmed with defining the entire project before you start executing. You can take a bunch of little steps and before you know it you are in the thick of launching your own business.”

Here is a great deal if you are thinking of consigning !
If you register to consign with CircleMint (, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to earn back your $10 registration fee by helping us spread the word. Refer two friends and we will credit back your registration fee with the check you receive after the sale. Just ask your friends to enter your name when they register in the "How'd you hear about us" field. Also, if you sign up for a volunteer shift (, you can shop the Presale.

Find CircleMint on facebook!